Wednesday, June 7, 2017

SearchResearch Challenge (6/7/17): Finding shadows in ball parks?

Take me out to the ball game... 

Outdoor sports stadiums sometimes have a little trouble with the sun.  

Yes, it's great to be outdoors watching the players doing their thing, but it's also sometimes a hassle, especially if you're watching a long baseball game in the hot sun, or a player trying to track a ball on a long throw as it passes from full-sun into full-shadow.

Stadiums outdoors have issues with sunlight and shadows.

My brother asked me a version of this Challenge earlier this week.  Much to my surprise, it was easier than I thought it would be.  Here's my version of what he asked me: 

1.  I'm going to see a baseball game at the New York Yankees baseball stadium on June 11th.  The game starts at 1PM.  Where can I get a seat that will be both near the field and in the shade for the whole game?

As I said, I was surprised at how simple this was to solve.  Can you find the answer that I did? 

The Search Game is on!  (But put on sun screen.)  


  1. First part was pretty easy on Google Earth. I couldn't find the "Show sunlight across the landscape" feature on the Web version, so I had to use the desktop version. If you click on that button, you may then adhust the time slider to exactly the date and time you want (6/11/2017 1:00 pm and beyond in this case). I actually have no idea about the duration of a baseball game but the areas that start under the shade (generally speaking, the southern stands) are under the shade until the sunset.

    The second part has to do with finding exactly which stands are those on the stadium map (and how much is a ticket for each stand). That is easyish to find on the Yankees' website. Again, having no idea how close to which part of the stadium is the ideal point of view, nor how much you are prepared to spend (nor even if some seats are available only to full season ticket plans), I can't find the exact spot. But it will be probably somewhere on the Field MVP Club (stands 114A to 117B), or Field MVP seats (ditto, further up, a bit cheaper), or maybe the light salmon pink Field Level seats (112 to 114B)). Best of all seems to be the level field camel brown Premium seating, right behind the players bench (015A/B, 016, 017A). I found this on two MLB pages embedded within the stadium's pages: Yankee Stadium Amenities Map and Yankee Stadium Map & Ticket Prices.

  2. I Googled shade at yankee stadium and found this link that seems to answer the question.

  3. [yankee stadium shade seats june 11 3017] provides just what your brother is interested in. jon. "that was easy"

  4. Once again I forgot the link: jon

  5. Replies
    1. for some reason my 1st post didn't appear:
      will be curious to see if you went this route or employed celestial geometry, solstice tables & stadium blueprints… there has to be an app for that…??
      used [yankee stadium seat in the shade]
      still in beta - he should also check "Recommended Seats for Impressing a Guest"… with enough beer & dogs it won't matter, just bring lots of cash and
      a high limit credit card or pay app on his phone…
      section 215, row 21s - $93/ticket… hey, it's bat day!! whoowho… Sunday, 1:05 PM, Baltimore Orioles
      3rd deck - along the first base line
      Shaded & Covered Seating
      going the hard way…
      short chart
      The Astronomical Almanac
      homework - to enhance or suck the life out of the experience…
      the house Ruth/Jeter/George built
      Derek Jeter: Deconstructing the Myth of the Yankee Captain
      buried Red Sox jersey
      the Highlanders vs the Brewers…
      G A&C Yankee Bat Day
      wonder if it will look like this?? - August 14, 1965
      NYY promotions schedule - 1st 10,000, under 14, courtesy of BoA
      a long standing tradition - linked to Father's Day…
      "The first Bat Day at the stadium on June 20, 1963 (Fathers' Day) "

  6. Okay... That was TOO easy. (Easier than I thought.)

    I'll make an update tomorrow to make it slightly harder (and a LOT more general)! Stay tuned.

  7. did you just pick stadium images with strong shadow lines?
    your first image was all about the shadows from a player/game perspective… 2010
    the Brewers/Miller Field (the Orioles started out as the Brewers)
    Miller Park, retractable roof
    Broke ground November 9, 1996

    the 2nd image is from down around Ramón's hometown… the Coca Cola graphic helped confirm…
    The Estadio Azteca, located in the suburb of Santa Úrsula in Mexico City
    "• On 21 November 2016, the Oakland Raiders (who?) hosted a home game along with the Houston Texans as part of the NFL International Series. It was the first Monday Night Football game played outside of the United States. The game saw a sell-out crowd of 76,743 in a renovated Estadio Azteca.
    • The (Las Vegas) Raiders will host the Patriots at the stadium on November 19, 2017."


    1. Hi Remmij! Yes, it is Estadio Azteca. I didn't notice that photo in the morning when SearchResearch the answer for this Challenge. To find the answer for that photo, your idea about searching Coca Cola is great one. I believe it is easy searching for Club America's logo.

      BTW, last time I went to stadium wasn't available seated tickets. In soccer, most times you select a zone and when you arrive you select the best available seated. Now, there is reserved seating for some zones.

      About this Challenge, for post 2, tried [Yankee Stadium shade by hour]

      Found this it is very interesting and shows how time/technology and new stadiums changes rules. Also mentions find my shadow site. I haven't tried but I think it is very helpful.

      I'm looking forward for changes Dr. Russell will add to the questions

    2. Yes, Remmij, I did. It wasn't a complete accident that I also chose Estadio Azteca as the other stadium with a strong sun/shadow line!